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That which leaps forth... is a series that synthesises creative play with sacred geometry. Through the creation of these objects, rules of patterning are observed and then abandoned. Their ambiguity prompts questions of their identity as either architecture or idol.

In working with pattern I observe how the triangle appears to point and pierce into space, expanding the surface tension of the object. It is this penetration that narrows the perceived boundary between object and space, exposing the palpable and vibrating field of energy that surrounds it.

Along with an exploration of the boundaries of the form, the object’s interior is playfully expressed by drawing in the triangle motif along its surface, using patterns to reveal anthropomorphic elements.

For the installation of this exhibition, I have considered the classical Indian architectural system of 'Vāstu' as a means to amplify a connection between the sculptures, objects, and room. Vāstu is a system that aims to harmonise energy and balance the five elements in a space.

Various images from a solo exhibition at Puzzle Gallery, Chippendale in August 2023.

Photography by Felipe Olivares

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